Welcome to the city of Sebastian's parks and recreation website. This website was created in order to help you find and locate the parks & other recreation spots within the city and to enable you to learn more about them.


The Parks and Recreation Division is responsible for all maintenance and upkeep of the city parks and landscape areas. Responsibilities include upkeep of restroom facilities in 9 parks, landscape maintenance, tree maintenance, planting and removal, maintenance and care of hedges, annuals and trees, and provision for tree trimming and removal of trees within the City-owned right-of-ways. Additionally, parks assists in repairs to the playground/picnic facilities to assure safety and appearance for the citizens, leagues, clubs, and visitors and provides daily maintenance to 7 baseball/softball fields and football/soccer fields. In addition, the division is responsible for all irrigation of the City-owned parks and landscaped areas. Maintains medians on US1 and Schumann Drive.


This division handles all the maintenance at the City parks, including the Barber Street Sports Complex, The Skate Facility, Hardee Park, Riverview Park, Historical park, Memorial Park etc. This division also maintains all the medians in the City including US #1and Schumann Drive, which recently received an irrigation system and is currently being landscaped. Also on Schumann Drive you'll find the City's Newly built Tennis Courts along with two resurfaced tennis courts. The Parks Division has recently taken over Recreational activities from Indian River County within the City Limits.


Some of the activities included are fitness classes, tae kwon do, senior aerobics, yoga, tiny tot tumbling, gymnastics, just to mention a few. You can find out more about these programs and some of the other ones by calling Kathy Falzone at (772)-589-1009


Also, City of Sebastian handles the rentals of the Yacht Club, Community Center and Riverview Park facilities. You can call (772) 228-7054 for more information.