Pavilion Rental

Are you interested in reserving the Pavilion at Riverview Park or Friendship Park?

Please explore this page for Availability, Photos, Fees and Ordinances.


If you’re looking to reserve one of our pavilions, in order for your reservation date to be secure – and not offered to anyone else - you’ll need to submit:

  1. Park Use Permit Application
    Permit is available here

  2. $100.00 Deposit payable to City of Sebastian (this amount is not taxed)

  3. $50.00 Rental Fee plus 6.8% tax ($3.40)

Note: Submission of the above-noted can be done via regular mail, in person or electronically (to the e-mail listed on the Application).

***If you wish to pay with a Credit Card, a processing fee will be assessed (fees listed on form) aside from the above-noted fees. Please click on the link below for the Credit Card Authorization Form, and FAX IT TO US (fax number listed on form). Do not e-mail the form, as it will by default become a public record, and thus will jeopardize your account information. ***

Credit Card Authorization Form

Note: No event dates will be “penciled in” or held for anyone without submission of all of the above-noted.

Riverview Pavilion


4 - 8<>


Friendship Pavilion


1 - 4<>


The capacity at either of our pavilions is approximately 48 people.  Restrooms are located nearby, either at Riverview Park or Friendship Park. Electricity is available upon request. Barbeque grills are not provided, but can be utilized, provided that strict safety measures are taken by the permittee, such as ensuring that these are not located near any of the pavilion’s posts and that all remnants are picked up after the event.

Note: There are Ordinances that need to be abided by during use of our pavilions.

For example, if you expect 75-150 attendees, you’ll need to hire one (1) Sebastian Police Officer at $40.00 per hour, and for a minimum of 3 hours. If you expect 151-300 attendees, you’ll need to hire two (2) Sebastian Police Officers at $40.00 per hour, and for a minimum of 3 hours.


 Click on the link below for the Police Officer form required with your Application.

Application for Police Extra-Duty Officer Services Form

Another example is the prohibited use of alcohol. Please click on Ordinance below for more


Ordinance No. 0-17-02

Please make sure to read the Ordinance and Resolution below, for more important information.

Ordinance Chapter 74, Sections 74-1 through 74-10

Resolution No. R-10-15


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1) Where do I submit the forms and payment in person?

We are in City Hall.  Our address is 1225 Main Street, Sebastian, FL. 329058. Our Department is “Community Development.” Please call (772) 228-7054 to schedule an appointment.

Q2) What are your office hours?

While we are open Monday through Friday, from 8:00AM to 4:30PM, and we go to lunch from 12-1PM, it is best to set up an appointment, for us to be able to devote our full attention to your reservation.

Q3) What’s the latest I can reserve?

10:00 PM

Q4) Can I have a catering service?


Q5) Do I have to clean up after the event?

Yes. The pavilion must be left in its original condition.

Q6) Are bounce houses allowed?


Q7) Is the Deposit refundable?

Yes, provided that the Ordinances are abided by and that the rental facility is returned to its original condition.

Q8) Will you hold my deposit check?

No. The deposit and the rental amounts are deposited on the same day.

Q9) How long does it take to receive my deposit?

Deposits are refunded via regular mail to the address on the application 1-2 weeks after the event.

Q10) To whom do I make out the check?

Make checks payable to the City of Sebastian